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' prompting a blushing Helen to respond: 'I never knew that.

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The Irish star divulged: 'I think Ciarán was too but I was very smitten! “That’s rather rude,” Mirren laughed, before adding coyly, “I’ve been “I fell in love with Helen Mirren,” Neeson told CBS. Can you imagine riding horses in shiny suits of armor, having sword fights and stuff, and you’re falling in love with Helen Mirren? As if that were not unfortunate enough, the co-hosts ran out the clock so that Mirren did not have time to explain what else happened on the trip. Early in the segment, when one co-host said she could not picture the Queen “getting down in a tent”—meaning physically crouch and enter a tent—Mirren poked fun at her awkward phrasing. “We camp in this field—not an official camping site with electricity and loos and showers. Just a tent, just literally a field, and it pissed with rain, non-stop for like three days. .”Just as viewers were getting into the story, however, the co-hosts committed the two cardinal sins of Dame Mirren interviews: they cut her off and scolded her for her saucy language. We had our tent in the back and all our little stuff, our little stove and everything.”The camping trip sounds as though it was just as uncomfortable as the car ride.“We get down there and we’re camping in this tiny tent—all 6’4” of Liam and me,” Mirren continued.

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