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Spirituality for Kids was Madonna’s pet project before Raising Malawi, and she served as its chairman of the board. Spirituality for Kids has also raised at least million for Malawi.

The real-estate firm then failed to file a tax return, indicating it was a dissolved corporation and wiping out Geddes’s investment.Hamilton will not “confirm or deny the taxability of any of the specific services” and also declines to say whether the chevre, or the Bergs, pay any income taxes.The Bergs’ lifestyle seems extraordinary, especially in light of the application the center filed with the IRS in 1998 seeking tax exemption as a church.Illustration by Guekit: Nina Berman / Sipa (Philip Berg); Mike Hutchings / Reuters-Landov (Madonna); East News-Polaris (Karen Berg); Amos Gumulira / AFP-Getty Images (Michael Berg); Michelly Rall / Getty Images (sign)One year ago, Madonna squatted in the rust-colored dirt of a sprawling empty lot outside Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.With curious villagers and invited photographers crowding around, she laid the ceremonial first brick for a planned million girls’ academy, a noble mission in a nation where only 27 percent of girls attend secondary school.

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