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Written with the strength of a survivor and the compassion of one who knows severe physical and emotional pain, Mr.Kiser's book is a well-scripted look into a childhood of hell.Personally, I hold the State of Florida responsible.The Governors knew, Senators knew, Congressmen knew as did most judges and local officials; yet they did nothing to stop these atrocities.The amount of young boys he molested will never be known.

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The depravity of the people running this home for boys will sicken you. Kiser offers as a result of his broken life will make your life's troubles pale to trivialities, and cause you to question what right you've ever had to complain. Kiser continues his work with the state of Florida and even the FBI, in an effort to ensure that heinous crimes like the ones committed upon him and other young boys are a thing of the past, he has put his personal life back together, setting an example for all of mankind that nothing is greater than the human spirit.With my heart racing and the side of my neck pulsating, I lit a cigarette and I cried without feeling shame.The thick concrete walls and the loud industrial fan easily muffled the horrible screams of the boys as they were beaten bloody.Es una vergüenza como casi cada día encuentro la zona de basuras de Pablo Sarasate... Mucho se habla del puerta a puerta pero esto es peor... Este es el estado del parque de Intxaurrondo, el que esta en el bidegorri que une Herrera e Intxaurrondo.Está en un estado lamentable, las 2 palmeras que plantaro se murienron y las han retirado, la...

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