When to become intimate dating

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At the stage of my life right now, I feel like I should be able to have a grasp of this, but I still don't.

I am 27, male, and I've never had a serious relationship.

As I grew older, it seemed to me that the women expect the men to do most if not all of the work when it comes to intimacy.

The steps from introduction to actual physical intimacy are very unclear to me; it's like figuring out the meaning of life (yes, it's that much of a mystery to me).

For example, I am also short, 5'5", and most women will tell me it doesn't matter how you look, but my experience has been very different enough times to say that a lot of women lie about this.

I always wondered what answers would I get if I asked women if they would date a handicapped person since they always say it's about the person not the physical, and yet always run after the tall, muscular type. In conclusion, I just feel lost since my experiences have shown me that most of the times what people do doesn't match what they say or believe in; I'm not even sure what to believe. Not the same old mumbo jumbo of "just be yourself," "it doesn't matter how you look." Again, how to get physically intimate..to get there..my problem.

There are many skills involved with developing a relationship, such as being able to initiate conversations, plan dates, knowing appropriate conversation topics, managing nonverbal communication behaviors, and being able to handle rejection.

Relationship science does tell us, however, that different strategies tend to promote intimacy development better at different stages of relationships.The plain and simple reason is because I don't know how.During high school the girlfriends that I had were always more aggressive in getting what they wanted (me), so I never truly learned how to go for a woman.For example, I once had a date with a guy who I would rate about a 5 or 6 out of 10 in facial attractiveness, but he was physically fit, took good care of himself (nice haircut, healthy skin, dressed nice), and was very funny in our conversation over coffee.He came across as confident, secure, and genuinely happy.

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