When is a couple officially dating

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A guy who blasts you with attention for a week or so and then goes AWOL for a while is clearly not that interested in pursuing anything stable or committed.

You don’t need to waste your time on a He’s already doing boyfriend things.

She loves Oscar Wilde, organic beauty products and Italian food.

You've started seeing a new girl, and life is good.

If he talks about the future along the lines of “we,” then bonus points. If most of your and his spare time is spent together, this is a good sign.

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The smacking sound of flesh on wood interrupted the moment, and when the lights came on, all I saw was blood everywhere and a gash on the forehead of a very embarrassed girl.

A Google Consumer Survey by Mic found that the most common time in which couples have “The Talk” about relationship exclusivity is within four weeks of dating.

There’s obviously no specific time limit because everyone’s different, but if you’ve been waiting for many months, it’s time to move on because clearly the guy is just cruising for as long as he can get away with it.

We were walking down the street when a homeless man approached us asking for change. Try as you might, but there's no squeezing that monster back into Pandora's box.

The man engaged us in a dialogue that quickly led to, “Oh, is this your wife? In the same way, when you let it go too long before talking about making it official, things can get awkward in a way that's hard to reverse.

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