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Our articles are guaranteed to entertain you and your friends, no matter your interests.has come to an end, but forget about the famous faces taking part – all anyone wanted to talk about afterwards was how old Eden Blackman is. Sam had got himself into a little bit of a mess, after he kissed two of his dates and couldn't decide which of them to choose. Along with the announcement of the cast for the series, it was confirmed that Joey Essex would be returning, having previously appeared in the first series.Stephen Bear was also removed from the series during the eighteenth episode for breaking the show rules by dating a celebrity outside of the agency.Celebs Go Dating is a British reality television dating program. The first series had 15 episodes and was shown at 10 pm on weekdays on E4.

Now you can go on a reality show and actually date your celebrity crush.There's even a local example: Keira Maguire, the 'villain' of Richie Strahan's season of , it seems these two have found love with each other, at least based on these loved-up-frolicking-in-the-beach photos.Woodgate isn't a celebrity, but it shows that if you have a profile and platform, if you express your interest in someone, they'll eventually find out.Halle Berry has followed the trend of using anonymity online to try to act "normal" again and meet people the old-fashioned way.Before getting married, she would frequent online chat rooms, some of which were specifically for dating.

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    Put on your battle gear because dating has become a minefield strewn with fakes ready to blow up in your face …

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    If this is the situation that you are in, then check out some of the other options below to see if something else might work.

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