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The anonymous user turned these sessions into a real online show.

For example when a handful of victims approached their computers, he opened up a pornographic video in the browser right when they came close to their devices.

The 2ch case is quite different from other incidents listed above: this time the hacker received almost full control over victims devices, not only their webcams. His favorite trick is to open a homosexual porn page when the unsuspecting user is near the computer, or show the victim’s page to the trolls.

After this, the anonymous mass of trolls combine to cyberbully the hacked user on the social network.

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The thing is that this approach won’t protect you from the main threat: the hacked system would still be hacked and you wouldn’t even know about it.

During one of the sessions the hacker turned music on to wake up the PC owner.

As TJournal reports, in most cases users don’t understand that their PCs are controlled by somebody else.

Having access to your system, the culprit can steal data from your accounts (including your online banking), turn your PC into a part of botnet and use it to infect your friends’ devices. Downloading free software from third-party sites is risky.

That’s why curtaining your laptop cam is not enough. You would scarcely distinct a fake website from the legal one.

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