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However, we can't as it is more than 40 characters long and LBTEST is limited to 40 characters due to a relict of the SAS Transport 5 limitations.

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a major SDTM design error) by the codelist "UNIT" (NCI code C71620).It is an "expected" SDTM variable, but there is no CDISC controlled terminology. There is CDISC controlled terminology for this (codelist SPECTYPE, NCI code C78734) where we find the code "SERUM" (NCI code C119550).This is very nice, but we also need to take into account that we will need to program this in our mapping scripts, as our computer does not know that "Ser" and "Serum" are the same thing. Also here, it is subject to CDISC controlled terminology (codelist METHOD, NCI code C85492).So the mapping between our test with LOINC code 73710-6 and SDTM is not only tedious, but it also leads to a non-unique description of our test and we also loose traceability. Being a rebellion, I put "L73710_6" as the value of LBTESTCD (adding an "L" in front and replacing the dash with an underscore due to the SAS-XPT rules) and add that to the (extended) codelist in my showing us much more information, provided by a free RESTful web service.We can of course also populate "LBLOINC" with our LOINC code, but this does not liberate us of populating LBTESTCD, LBTEST, etc. When right-clicking the LBLOINC cell, a RESTful web service (delivered by the US National Library of Medicine) is triggered, popping up a window in our favorite browser, delivering even more information: One could also submit the LOINC code to the UMLS RESTful web services to find relationships of this test with other tests, diagnoses for diseases (e.g. We are currently working on an application to generate and display such "networks of information and knowledge" and will later add it to the "Smart Dataset-XML Viewer".

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