Updating recessed kitchen lighting

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(Always practice safety, even when your DIY project is relatively short and simple.) Look for the pull tabs and/or springs around the lighting housing that holds the trim in place.If needed, use pliers to compress the springs to release the trim.Recessed kitchen light fixtures are a sleek, modern way to bring light into the room and brighten up your space.But once the trim around those lights starts to get yellowed and old, those lights may not look so sleek and fresh anymore.Once you have new trim for each fixture, you’re literally only a few minutes away from totally updated recessed kitchen lights. You want the bulbs and the surrounding fixture to be cool to the touch before you start your project.

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If there is any damage, you will need to consult with a professional electrician.

I know I need more recessed lighting, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, which is now part of the kitchen.

Among the other million and one things I’m trying to accomplish in my kitchen, is the lighting. So far, I’ve decided to have 3 sconces on the wall above the sink, but I haven’t ordered them yet.

Meanwhile, I was selling Girl Scout cookies at Lowe’s on Sunday night and of course I had to do a little browsing while I was there. I had never really thought to update the recessed lighting to LED, but duh, there were tons of options and it looked really simple. The thought being that if you have an old 5″ trim, then you’ll be okay with a little extra trim on the ceiling. The LED lights are much more inconspicuous than my old, black rimmed fixtures, with giant bulbs that always needed replacing.

Of course the new LED light will look even better when I touch up the ceiling paint around it, but if I were to drag out the paint this would not longer be a Don’t judge my bad paint job.

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