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In OSX86Tools, click on “Repair Permissions”, then click on “Run Selected Tasks” button.

After they all load, uncheck all of them EXCEPT for “Mac OSX Update” 6. Copy the downloaded 10.5.7 Combo Update to the Desktop.

Most likely it will start looping and not let you get anywhere. hold ALT Q which will ask if you would like to skip the registration process and simply set up a user. Click the lock in the lower left hand corner of the window which will prompt you for your password 6.

To fix this, hold down the power switch and reboot. In this last step we are going to go in and fix any bit of weirdness that may remain on your install. Now type “reboot” and hit enter Alternative loop fix method: 1. In the menu bar, select edit and then “enable root user” 7.

It could (note the implied possibilities of could) be a painless install process, but since you are putting an operating system onto hardware that it wasn’t intended to be run on, one will inevitably run into problems. Click Erase (NOTE: If you plan on ever dual booting or wanting partitions on your drive, now is the time to do it. Here’s where things could go horribly wrong, or awesomely easy. Update to 10.5.7 via Software Update or downloaded updater (DMG).

At the very least this requires someone who is good at following directions, very good at googling (to find other people in their specific situation) good at finding files online (bittorrent makes this much easier) and easygoing about minor-to-major flaws in their computer setup. You wont be able to partition/resize your drive after the install. Choose OSx86_Essentials as the package to install 3. Click “Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon Edition 1.0.12” 5.

*Note – if either one of these two files isn’t available at the links provided, just google it and post your findings in the links. A working computer (my instructions are mac-specific) with an internet connection. Select the drive you will be using in the left hand pane. There will be a countdown from 5 in which the migration assistant should appear.

If there is a (space) in the text it is suppose to be there, so look/type carefully. Mouse and Keyboard Fix First, run the Voo Doo PS2 Controller package located in the HP MINI Essentials package. If you still have problems with a stuck key, there may be existing Apple PS2 drivers to remove. sudo rm -Rf Apple PS2Apple ACPIPlatform.kext/Contents/Plug Ins/ACPIPS23. Other Drivers Now with working trackpad and keyboard, Open up OSX86 Tools again. After the installer completes it will ask you reboot. *Hint: To get sound working, you need to delete the Apple in the /System/Library/Extensions folder. The fix for this is to hold down the wifi switch for the entire start up procedure. There are plenty of great sites out there where people are pushing the limit every day, go check them out and see if they have any easier / better ways of doing this. UPDATE – 9.2.09 – I fixed the sleep function by reverting to the 10.5.7 kernel. I then ran into a problem where usb devices wouldn’t work unless they were plugged in at boot. Time to get out the USB Mouse and get your keyboard and track pad working. The icon shows the hollow pie piece, and the led on the front is orange instead of pink. To allow it to use the second core do the following: 1. Enable Volume Keys Open the ‘Sound’ extension in the System Configuration folder. Fix CPU (Allow dual-core) If you start Activity Monitor before doing this you will see that OSX only sees 1 processor (press the CPU tab below te process list). Gain root access (“sudo su -” and enter your user password). UPDATE – – Check out the upgrade to snow leopard here!

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