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This time around, it came in the form of Tweets directed to us, as well as in posting in popular Mac forums.As it turns out, several other memory vendors—along with some Late 08 Mac Book/Mac Book Pro users—have laid claim to these machines working with 8GB of RAM.However, it seems that somewhere along the line, Apple changed this update change memory addressing; with the later version of the update installed, you could address a full 8GB in Snow Leopard.Unfortunately, Software Update doesn’t show this version as being different from the previous one, so users wouldn’t be notified if they had already updated their firmware to the older version.

We’ve created a simple flowchart that should help clear up some of the confusion.

I have a Polycom IP5000 Soundstation which loads its 3.2.6 file from my server's polycom ftp directory - no problem there.

However, I want to upgrade the firmware to 4.0.1b or better.

[update] Another thing to notice is that any phone using UCS 3.3.x and upwards will no longer use your or phone1and will either manually convert your files or utility the cfc Utility that comes with the UCS Download.

For those phones, you need to remove their files so the phone will use 000000000000instead.

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