Updating an ibook

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Just like there are many book-reading apps for Android tablets and smartphones, you can find a lot of alternatives to the i Books in the Apple Store. Spending a couple of evenings to find out which book app is better than the one natively delivered by Apple? The more you know what you can do with the alternative solutions the better you’ll see what’s missing in the Apple’s own ebook platform.

Below you’ll find facts and tips that will help you decide whether it’s good to stick with the i Books or pick up another solution. It’s how the app connects with the ebookstore so that the user can conveniently get new content to the personal library. “That’s obvious,” you’ll say, “every app should have that.” True, but the only app that does that on the i Phone an i Pad is the i Books.

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Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development - two deceptively simple but surprisingly powerful approaches to software development. The purpose of this book is to clear up the fog, so you can figure out how Kanban and Scrum might be useful in your environment.

Kindle for i OS offers extended book analysis called X-Ray.

Plus you can seamlessly switch between reading the book and listening to its audio version (Whispersync for Voice).

Henrik Kniberg & Mattias Skarin are consultants at Crisp in Stockholm (

They share a passion for helping companies succeed with Lean and Agile software development in practice, and balance their time between coaching, teaching, and writing.

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