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There may be an issue that’s been causing issues in the previous firmware.

You wouldn’t want something preventable to cause your aircraft issues in the coming months – so it’s always best to update the firmware if you can. The higher these numbers, the more recent the firmware.

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Firmware is essentially just software that operates a particular device.

The latest and greatest software for any DJI product can always be found on their official website. We’ve listed the most recent firmware at the time of writing next to each P3 model: The latest firmware update will be labelled as “Firmware v X. The best place to be kept up to date with the latest firmware releases is through your DJI go app, or the DJI newsroom.

This part is really simple, especially considering that the DJI GO app will automatically notify you as and when upgrades are required.

But if your Phantom is working fine – why would you bother to upgrade the firmware?

If you want to keep your Phantom running to the best of its abilities, Heliguy advise updating the firmware on the aircraft at your earliest convenience after it’s been released by DJI.

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