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Transgender dating sites like Trans offers users an opportunity to connect with other transgender people around the world.

Users are currently able to sign up for free, a huge benefit in comparison to other dating sites.

“There’s a level of prejudice that comes with putting it on the dating site in black-and-white.

On certain sites, like Ok Cupid where you’re able to write in longer profiles and descriptions about yourself, I’ll put it in the actual profile description.

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What are the Benefits of Joining a Transgender Dating App?

And sometimes it will be as simple as mentioning, ‘Oh I just got off a Lifeline call.’ Because I was a volunteer coordinator for them.

Or I’ll say, ‘Oh I was working with this youth person and they’re trans,’ and then I can segue into saying that I’m trans, too.

Public prejudice, vulnerability, and need for privacy make these connections difficult.

As a result many transgender individuals find themselves unnecessarily lonely.

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