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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.

Like Bjork, Gilbert had been to Finland before, but not for two decades.

He'd been along with Coach Jackson, also with the national team, but he mentioned that they didn't go to Helsinki on that trip.

Thank God we won that one."After beating Canada with a final score 4-2, Team USA moved on to further preliminary games against Sweden (L, 0-1), Switzerland (W, 10-1), and Denmark (W, 4-1).

The quarterfinal game was fought against a Czech Republic team, renowned for having a talented team every year.

It just helped me believe in myself, which I think has helped my game already and will definitely help me in the future." Bjork had some very familiar faces travelling with him.

Dave Gilbert and Nick Siergiej were both called up by the team as well to serve in essentially the same roles for the national team that they've been serving at Notre Dame for years.

Mentally, I feel now that playing some of the top players in the world and realizing that those guys are freakishly good, but I can play with them, has helped my confidence a lot.

Beginning with phone calls and emails, Gilbert started to collect information about equipment sizes and preferences for the players on the national team roster so that they could start placing orders.

He had to make some slight changes to his personal system of organization because of the unfamiliarity with the players he was working with. There, I had to do them by alphabetical order because I had no clue what numbers went with names." The accumulation of practices increased familiarity and soon, names and numbers were no longer an issue.

"Sometimes you think with superstars, they're just naturally gifted and they don't know how to teach it, but he was just unbelievable with our guys, with our kids.

It was really cool to get to know him on a personal level, not just like 'Hey, you're Chris Chelios.' I can text him if I want.

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