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Chinese, as in your Chinese boss or business partner invites you for dinner and you’re the only foreigner there (drinking with young Chinese people in mixed company doesn’t count — they’ll do things ‘our’ way). Whatever you’re drinking — , which translates literally as “drying the cup.” You’d better do it, or be forever branded as a disrespectful sissy.People will likely toast you to show their respect and hospitality.Afterwards you can tip it slightly towards the person you were drinking with to show them you’ve drunk up. If the party is big and everyone is toasting at the same time, instead of getting up and clinking with everyone else, people might simply clink the surface of the table with the bottom of the glass.But if you’re toasting one or two people, they’ll usually want to clink glasses, even if the table is very big.But the best thing you can do to keep yourself in order is: eat. It’s a Chinese banquet, so there’ll be plenty of fatty food on the table.If there’s liquor to be drunk, shovel it up even if you’re on the point of bursting.If you do this, try to make sure that the brink of your glass is lower then theirs; it’s another way of showing respect.Usually they’ll try doing it as well, but if your respective positions are quite obvious, they won’t try too hard as it would be false modesty.

In this way you signal that you’d prefer to take it slowly, or – “as you wish” (although it still doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get away with it).As a foreigner you might be required to drink even more, since the running opinion is that Westerners can drink much more than Asians.Then again, in China, as everywhere else, it’s a point of pride to be able to hold your drink.As a foreigner, you’re not expected to do likewise, but it will be much appreciated if you do.Once you’ve started, make sure you toast everyone who might outrank you.

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