Skyler samuels and benjamin stone dating

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He’s no stranger to misfortune, though as he witnessed his mother’s murder when he was only 14 years old.His father wants him to join the “family business” — even though that business wants Chloe, his new love interest, dead.The Mai have been hunted by human assassins for millenia.Can she navigate the perils of being a teenager while also saving her people from extinction?Chloe’s best male friend is Paul (Ki Hong Lee), a second-generation Asian-American who’s obsessed with video games and comics.He may look like a slacker compared to his high-achieving siblings, but he’s always up for adventure — especially after Chloe’s discovery.At the same time, Zane, who works for Simone, shoots Valentina with a slow-acting poison dart, which keeps her from dying until he can murder Jasmine in front of her.

Chloe soon learns she’s part of super-human ancient race with cat-like abilities called the Mai.

Could Brian be looking to inherit the family business in the future?

“I come back to this town to get to know my father better and I run into Chloe King and sort of am just captivated by her.”Setback: Damon says Brian, who is just a regular ol’ human, doesn’t know Chloe’s secret, which could prove to be fatal. it’s actually sort of a conflict because the Mai can’t kiss human beings. “So my character, who is in fact human, I just think it’s something with me, you know? ”Setback part deux: “My father is actually involved with the people who are after Chloe.” Ruh-roh!

Alek Petrov (Benjamin Stone) is a good-looking high school athlete with a bad boy edge and a killer accent.

He’s always known that he is a descendant of the ancient Mai race.

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