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Over the past 5-10 years a lot more nightlife has come on to the scene making things a lot easier for guys.There are pick up bars to go out and meet single girls, prostitutes will be around the nightlife areas, online escorts, and there are erotic sex massage spas as well.One is that the Yangon girls are conservative so they will be hard to score.

You can also try to meet single girls at malls like: Any time you are traveling to a conservative country there are conflicting thoughts at hand.

Sure, that is a bit awkward, but you can walk away if they say no.

The main places to find naughty nightlife here would be around China Town and Theongizay, on Ahlone Road, and on Alan Pya Phaya Road south of the zoo.

All in all you can find what you are looking for here.

It isn’t a mongers paradise by any means, but you shouldn’t expect it to be so.

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