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Many of these arrived in substantial numbers quite early in the city's history; they usually constituted an ethnic unit of longer or shorter duration.Chief attention must here be given to the more numerous elements, though minor units will also be noted briefly.Many of the French who arrived in New Orleans during its first forty years were Canadians.These natives of what is now Quebec (not to be confused with Acadians) had already penetrated the Great Lakes and the rivers of the Mississippi valley for furs and for France, spreading a tenuous web of French presence from Detroit to St. They were already Americans, for the settlement of French Canada had begun more than a century before.We have found that, teens and twenty-something clients often find it helpful to talk with an adult other than their parents.

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Man kann mit der Familie gemeinsam im Stammbaum arbeiten. Tauchen Sie ein in unsere riesige, internationale Aufzeichnungs-Datenbank - suchen Sie nur nach einem Namen und erfahren Sie mehr über Ihre Vorfahren.

More than 200 years ago a local woman of French origins appeared before the Superior Council of colonial Louisiana to make a deposition concerning her share of her European grand-father's estate.

In brief, what she did was to appoint attorneys to sell her part of the land in France.

Both Le Moyne d'Iberville, the founder of the Louisiana colony, and his younger brother, Bienville, founder of New Orleans, came from the Canadian "noblesse." So were such early New Orleans landowners as the Livilliers, Chalmettes, Trudeaus and Denis de la Rondes, to name but a few.

The second main source of early colonization was France itself.

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