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Remember the much-hyped but truly disappointing winter storm Juno that shut down the city for two days last January?

Popular dating app Hinge had a 47 percent spike in activity across the East Coast during the two days of snowfall.

Men are 15 percent more likely to want a relationship in the winter than in other seasons, and women are 5 percent more likely.

The authors introduce the construct of I-sharing—the belief that one shares an identical subjective experience with another person—and the role it plays in liking.

“The people that I find on [dating apps] during inclement weather aren’t people who use it seriously,” she says.

In Study 5, priming participants with feelings of existential isolation increased their liking for I-sharers over objectively similar others.

The results highlight the importance of shared subjective experience and have implications for interpersonal and intergroup processes.

During 2015’s Juno, Mark says she scored a couple hot matches.

She didn’t meet up with them during the storm, but she did set up a few dates post-blizzard.

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