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Yet, the practice of commercial depuration is not widely used in the high volume crawfish industry in Louisiana because of time and cost.

The efficacy of a short-term saltwater bath in reducing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract has not been thoroughly tested.

Still, people continue to employ it, and advocates continue to recommend it.

The internet is replete with instructions for using a saltwater bath to purge crawfish, often with reference to increased mortality when soaking crawfish too long in the hypersaline solution.

Cooks will often empty the entire sack of crawfish into the pot, perhaps after a cursory wash.

Others will first empty the sack of live crawfish into a tub of water for a more thorough wash.

A third portion of the day’s harvest consisted of nonwashed individuals.

The fourth group consisted of crawfish harvested the previous day and purged for 24 hours in an aerated vat without access to feed.

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08 or Business Directory: To update/remove your listing: [email protected] - - - - Advertising To find out more about advertising in The Independent please click here or call 020 3615 5210.A subset of crawfish from each treatment on each test date was randomly collected for determination of hindgut content weight.The remaining crawfish from each wash treatment were sacked and immediately placed in humid refrigerated storage at 42-46 degrees Fahrenheit for assessment of mortality after 72 hours, a second objective of the study.Therefore, this study was designed to obtain more definitive data regarding the effectiveness of the common saltwater bath in cleansing the hindgut of digesta.Freshly harvested red swamp crawfish were subjected to four treatments that simulated different preparation methods for cooking: (1) no washing (controls), (2) crawfish washed in a saltwater bath, (3) crawfish washed in fresh water without the addition of salt, and (4) crawfish subjected to a commercial purging process for 24 hours.

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