Psychology behind online dating art of war for dating pdf

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Still, more needed to be done to support the hypothesis.Recently, my colleagues and I at the University of Texas at Arlington developed a series of four related studies.View the full list For years, friendships between straight women and gay men have been a subject of pop culture fascination.Books, television shows and feature length films have all highlighted this unique relationship, noted for its closeness and depth.In other words, it’s not like straight women totally trusted gay men on all matters.It really only had to do with one thing: dating and relationships.

It turns out straight women only trusted a gay man’s advice more than the same advice from, say, a straight man or another straight woman.We predicted that this would most often occur in highly competitive dating environments, where a trustworthy source like a gay friend would be valued by women jockeying with one another for a boyfriend.To test this, we created a fake news article that detailed extremely skewed sex ratios, indicating that women in college were competing over a very small pool of men.About three years ago, I initially tested this theory in a series of experiments that have served as the foundation of my research program on gay-straight relationships.In these experiments, straight female participants were shown fictitious Facebook profiles depicting either a straight woman, straight man or gay man.

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