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The Summit brought together the world’s leading clinicians, hospital CEOs, patient advocates and government leaders to identify primary patient safety challenges and provide tested solutions called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS).

Hospital attendees made formal commitments to implement processes to reduce preventable deaths in their hospitals, and healthcare technology companies signed the Open Data Pledge to share data for the sake of patient safety.

In that case, Bathum and his former chief financial officer Kirsten Wallace are accused of stealing patient identifiers to buy health insurance policies without their knowledge, and continuing to bill insurance companies after patients' had ended treatment.

His more recent sexual abuse case included multiple lawsuits filed by his former patients, two of which claimed he would isolate and target them and other women, "moving them around to isolated hotel rooms and remote locations, encouraging them to use drugs with him, and sexually molesting them when they were high and/or incapable of consent." Related: Rose Mc Gowan Wants Her Cocaine Possession Case Dropped Additional former clients that filed lawsuits include Amanda Jester, who claimed the rehab owner molested her during a meditation in a sweat lodge; and Dana Reardon, who alleged that Bathum gave her crystal meth and heroin, made her watch him have sex with two other women, and "forced his fingers" into her vagina "despite her protests." Bathum has vehemently denied all allegations against him.

The 56-year-old — who founded and ran 13 Community Recovery treatment centers in Southern California, as well as 6 in Colorado — touted himself as a mentor and father figure to the patients of his facilities.

In 2011 he founded the Masimo Political Action Committee to spotlight the important issues that will shape healthcare policy. Kiani has won many awards, including the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of The Year 2012 Life Sciences Award Winner. Kiani believes in turning yesterday’s impossibilities into tomorrow’s possibilities and challenging the status quo. He has reached the rank of tenured professor in both engineering (UCLA) and anesthesiology (UC Irvine, University of Arizona).Today, Masimo is an innovative powerhouse delivering key noninvasive medical breakthroughs, including: Masimo rainbow Pulse COOximetry™–the first noninvasive blood constituent monitoring platform to measure multiple blood constituents that previously required invasive procedures and help reduce risky blood transfusions. Kiani’s dream of transforming patient care thrives today as he works with legislators in Washington, D.C., to affect public policy that supports innovation and promotes good healthcare decisions.Joe Kiani, Founder, and Chairman of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, floored by the alarming statistic that 98,000 Americans were dying from preventable causes in hospitals, began to ask questions and track what was being done in the United States to reduce these unnecessary deaths.In November 2010, over a decade later, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a report which revealed that the number of Medicare beneficiaries who had experienced an event that contributed to their death had reached 180,000.

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