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TERT, GLUL and LGR5 m RNA levels were measured using quantitative RT–PCR.All the results were normalized with the mean of normal liver tissues (see Methods section).Looking to make your budget last through all 50 states?

In 20% of cases, HCCs are developed in the absence of cirrhosis and, rarely, they result from the malignant transformation of hepatocellular adenoma (HCA).In this study, we searched for TERT promoter mutations in a large panel of hepatocellular tumours.We identified TERT promoter mutations as the most frequent somatic genetic alterations in HCC and as the first gene recurrently mutated in cirrhotic preneoplastic lesions.Results were reported in median with interquartile range and compared using non-parametric Mann–Whitney test.Differences were considered significant when the P-value was To search for early genetic events in preneoplastic lesions, we screened for TERT promoter mutations in 69 cirrhotic tissues and 20 cirrhotic macronodules with or without dysplasia (13 and 7 cases, respectively, Supplementary Table S3).

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