My teacher is intimidating

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If your child is being bullied, especially by an adult authority figure, it’s possible that she may feel ashamed.Using active listening tools, like normalizing (explaining that a certain reaction is understandable) and validating (expressing that a person is entitled to their feelings) may encourage your child to share what she is going through.Try sharing a high and low of your day, and ask your child to do the same.When parents openly share tough parts of their day and how they problem-solved, they are modeling resilience for their children.

You may also want to consider approaching the school.In fact, many sources recommend going to the teacher first (provided the situation is not completely egregious), and I’d tend to agree.Stick to questions like, “I’m concerned because my child is reporting that she doesn’t believe you like her. ” Although you may feel upset at the teacher, give her a chance to explain what is going on.If this is is a step you plan to take, let the teacher know once you’re wrapping up your meeting..Emphasize that you are informing the administration in an effort to problem-solve effectively, and not to retaliate for wrongs you believe were committed.

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