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It’s Frances’s story and she knocked it out of the park, but in the edit Sam was the most surprising pullout of the whole thing. Frances asked you to write a character for her when you first met nearly 20 years ago, but is it right she turned down Mildred when you first offered it to her? As soon as I started writing Three Billboards, she was the voice in my head.

But when I sent it to her, her issue was about her age and [playing] a mother of a 19-year-old daughter. They’re not allowed to give a script note; they’re allowed an opinion about casting, because that’s sort of a financial issue.

Are you currently working on any other film projects?

I wrote a new play this year which will be on in London next year [ about Hans Christian Andersen, at Nicholas Hytner’s Bridge Theatre].

This sign flashed by and it stuck in my mind, just bubbling away…Released in the US on November 10, it had grossed .4m for Searchlight at the time this issue went to press; UK release is January 12. Was making a film with a strong female lead character a driving inspiration for Three Billboards? I had done strong female parts in my plays but not in films.Film people only remember your films so it felt like no one knew I can write a good female character; I thought, “I’m going to change that.” I tried to create not just a good female lead but an outrageously different one.I challenge you to tell me a good film that’s been made from a play.You’re never going to win doing that and, yeah, that’s never going to happen.

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