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I wrote a script to generate the Emulation Station xml, and thought others might be interested.The only alternative I've found is ES-scraper, which can take multiple days to run if you have thousands of roms.

There was a major bug detecting Demul CHD files as regular ROMs, making it impossible to validate games. You coudn't validate Zi Nc games in previous frontend builds... Due to all the changes you have to create games lists for the following systems again: MAME and MAME software lists, HBMAME, Demul, Zi Nc. These CHD region tag changes are purely cosmetic and do not affect the way Emu Loader validate games files. I've been planning this since I added support for MAME software lists. Either way, it will be nice to know if a disc is CD or DVD or Laser Disc... If there are missing medias or you have suggestions on this rewrite, please let me know. Emu Con Frontend (and games) must also be updated, so both frontends can have interchangeable files. Many dialogs and screens now require a minimum of 1024x768 or 1280x720 resolution. Remember that Emu Loader is a Windows application to be used with a high resolution monitor. Jersey Jack is now a Pinball game creator of fine games. Pinball Classified - go here to view games and parts for sale.An excellent place to get an idea of what your game may be worth.Faces of RGP - Steve Kulpa's site showing many of the "faces" of RGP contributors. Flyer Reference - a great site for viewing game flyers and following trends in game manufacturing. Great Plains Electronics - Ed's site for ordering most electronic parts for your Pinball game.Internet Pinball Database - find a lot of info on any Pinball game ever made.

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