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This has always been literally true: as the best player of his generation and one of the three best players ever, he has had full control of his career in a way that few athletes do.

Le Bron has been able to influence roster moves, coaching decisions, the movement of other players in free agency, and determine his own destiny knowing full well he could go anywhere he wants.

Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family, and interesting facts about him Le Bron James Jr., also known as Bronny James, is the eldest son of NBA legend and Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Le Bron James.

As a basketball player himself, he has led his AAU level basketball team to the fourth grade national championship in Kentucky in July 2014.

But Le Bron has also always been judged against lofty ideals, against the standards of his exclusive peer group.

He’s been graded against expectations, and as we know, expectations have always been impossibly high for Le Bron.

It isn’t as if Le Bron has never been an underdog before. The Cavaliers have effectively removed themselves from the contender tier, removing all major expectations for how Le Bron and the team will finish the season (both in the regular campaign and playoffs). (Le Bron’s longest break since the 2010 summer has probably been the 2011 lockout period when James went barnstorming with Kevin Durant and others.) Le Bron probably should coast now and then. He doesn’t have to care about the Cavaliers’ future, because he is being written out of it.As an individual and, since about 2007, as the leader of a team, the collective fandom has expected Le Bron to achieve at an incredibly high level.With a few exceptions, he usually meets those expectations. Expectations for Le Bron’s team this season are as low as they have been in a decade.He is known for his ability to score and dribble, and also for his dunking ability.He has literally grown up around the basketball court and often shows up at Cleveland Cavaliers games alongside his brother Bryce Maximus to cheer for his father.

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