Jewish view of dating

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When the op-ed began circulating online on Sunday and Monday, the responses ranged from outraged and angry to confused or amused – with a healthy dose of mockery.And there were many parts of the essay that were ripe for censure.The Torah was given to the entire Jewish people at Mount Sinai.(In fact, all Jewish souls – past, present and future – were there at the time.) As for the actual verses, the Torah was dictated from God to Moses, letter-for-letter.And five days after it was published, the writer has issued an apology for its contents.The article in question, “I Am Tired of Being a Jewish Man’s Rebellion,” by Carey Purcell, was published online in the Washington Post’s “Solo-ish” section on Thursday.

Twelve of these were distributed to each of the Twelve Tribes.It took a few days for the full Internet outrage machine to kick in – perhaps the Passover and Easter weekend delayed things.But when a Washington Post op-ed from last week caught attention online, the reactions were swift and brutal.New York Times writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner wondered if “maybe these Jewish men aren’t leaving you because you’re not Jewish as much as they’re leaving you because you hate Jews?” And Helen Rosner, a writer for The New Yorker, tweeted that “it’s definitely not super racist and pathologically narcissistic to write an op-ed in a major newspaper about how you’re done dating people of one specific religion, no sirree bob.”Chabad social media director Mordechai Lightstone tweeted a thanks to Purcell “for getting so many Jewish men to talk about dating Jewish women.”He lamented the way the article – and many stereotypes and portrayals – demonize Jewish women.

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