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"Although, as I indicated, I have no authority to speak on behalf of the Executive Branch, the President, the Vice-president, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of the Department of Energy, as a member of the Third Branch of the United States Government, the Judiciary, the United States Courts, I sincerely apologize to you, Dr.

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(In opposing Bill Richardson’s appointment to become the next Commerce Secretary, we are acting independently of Dr. The Lee family has made it clear that they wish to return to their private lives, but the people involved in this effort believe that the injustice dealt to the Lee family demands a vocal response to Bill Richardson’s appointment.) Henry Der Roger Hu Cecilia Chang Guy M Wong Ivy Lee Monica Chen Norman Matloff Peter Chan Bill Sullivan, Retired DOE weapons lab engineer Chris Hoeber John Ludgey Jian Yao John Hurst Charles Pine Danny Wong Yeong-Cherng Liau Maria Sun Lelanda Lee Jinjiang Xiao Jeh Yung RIchard Lam Eric Mar, SF Bd of Supervisors Kent Guo Phillip M. Ling-chi Wang Tim Trevan Nancy Hsu P Cahill Jon Lee Betty Tsai james wu Mary-Claire King Ali R.

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We feel neither vindication or disappointment over this outcome.

It is a development that we have no knowledge of nor would pass judgment.

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