Is ryan from teen mom still dating dalis chelsie hightower and louie vito dating

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Original story (6/8/17 at 10: 19 a.m.): Times are tough right now for Mackenzie Standifer.

Her brand new husband Ryan Edwards is in rehab getting help for his drug problem, his ex-girlfriend is shading him in the press, Online blogs supposedly got wind of some court documents saying Hudson’s dad now had to pay about half the amount in child support he used to, which the sites assumed meant his father had gained full custody.

She didn’t have a whole lot of screen time, but she seemed to be a pretty positive influence on Ryan’s life.

Source: Twitter @dalispaige Even though it seemed that Dalis and Ryan were strong together and fans were starting to get pretty attached to her, it all came to an end not long after it started.

If you’ve been out of the loop about what exactly is happening in Ryan Edwards’ life, the most important detail you may have missed is that he recently checked into rehab to address issues with substance abuse.

Most people can realize that this is a serious issue, and that, despite any preexisting drama or grudges, it’s really not something to make jokes about.

Granted, the two aren’t currently living together – due in large part to the fact that Ryan still lives at home I’m sure – but judging from their interactions online and the number of affectionate photos of the two together, they are quite serious.

And she has never stopped loving him," a source close to the MTV reality star says in the Jan. "Ryan doesn't like Maci in a romantic way," an insider explains.

"They got back together because he wanted to get back at his ex [Hooters waitress Dalis Connell]." The on-again couple — parents to son Bentley, 4 — first split in 2009, and Bookout, 21, began dating childhood pal Kyle King, 24.

Dalis was struggling to cope with the fact that her mother had just passed away from cancer when she found out that her long-term boyfriend had cheated on her around the same time. But keep running your mouth, remember who you and Ryan have in common…

Although she admitted that the first few weeks after their breakup were hard to get through, she told to comment on Ryan’s recent decision to go into rehab for substance abuse.

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