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One last thought, if all of the above should fail: 1. Explain to the receptionist that you axe seeking care, but the idea of a new dentist frighten* you, As Jt to Speak with the dentist, saying that this would make you feel more comfortable.

Good oral hygiene will usually prevent it from ever happening.

Stay away, however, from any toothpastes listing Stannous Fluoride as an ingredient. Their contention was that drug abuse, alcohol, child abuse, poverty, and depri- vation combined in varying degrees to produce the criminal Now we have a study in two volumes that main: am* there is such a thing as a criminal mentality, and that he shares certain easily spotted characteristics which identity him, The work is called "The Criminal Personality " For 16 years, Dr Samuel Yochelsen worked in St Eliiabein Hos- pital in Washington, D C., with crimi- nals- Some years ago he was joined In this study by Dr Stanton Samanow Together they observed over 200 out- laws, goi their life stories, Interviewed wives, parents, siblings, schoolteachers.

What the manufacturer fails to tell you is that with time, the fluoride reacts with calcium in the other components of the toothpaste. i Comment on stannous fluoride.) there ttcfl lsttr Republic, Rockford, Wed., March 1, ^9TB criminal Jim Bishop Is (here such a thing as the criminal mind? THE HARDER THEY labored to land n way of reforming the convict, the more it eluded them Many who had gulled juries to believe that they were insane tried hard to convince the doc- tors that they were presently sane and responsible citizens. Yoehelson and Sam enow started out with the noble notion of trying to ^rove that malefactors could be refashioned into good family men Their conclusions arc the opposite The true criminal is, first of oil, a consummate liar.

Since they are seeking new patients, these dentists may give more personal attention than someone you might have to wait three months to see.

If you are planning to move, your present dentist may offer the names of several dentist* for you to consider.

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