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Snipers always find a way around existing defenses, no matter how high tech.

This is why sniper techniques are one of the ultimate strategies for self defense of the common citizenry usually disarmed of military grade weaponry.

It behooves the survivalist to have long distance capabilities because there is little chance he will ever be anything but the underdog.

I am a relative newcomer to the world of long distance shooting and sniping with only a couple years of training, and I know how difficult the discipline appears to people who have just become curious about it.

These kills were made during less than 100 days of combat, meaning Hayha engaged and destroyed 5 targets per day by himself.

How would they identify legitimate targets that present a tangible threat from such a distance?

And, don’t most firefights occur within a range of 50 yards or less?

This kind of attrition warfare stopped the more technologically advanced Russians in their tracks, and ended their pursuit of total invasion.

The poorly armed Finish prevailed despite all odds.

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