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And the safest place to hide their money and possessions was in and around their home.However, often times the person doing the hiding would not tell the family.The building is believed to be the first residential structure in all of Rockwall County.The Museum houses the most expansive collection of furnishings, photographs, and artifacts from the county of Rockwall dating back to the 1840s now available to the public.One individual located an old metal container fastened beneath the throne, held there by a few nails and a metal strip.

Some have followed their hearts and have gone on treasure hunts that have resulted in locating buried treasures both beneath the ground and under the water.

Think about all of the old abandoned homes you drive by on a weekly basis.

Then think about how many of those old homes have a treasure lurking on it’s property. Pandozzi is an author, TV Producer and well known treasure hunter.

Older homes that date back one hundred years or more have a very good chance of holding a treasure; and these old homes are in cities and towns across America. Also, many of our first settlers were very independent individuals, they wanted total control of their lives, and their possessions, including their money and valuables.

It was common for those individuals to bury their valuables for safekeeping.

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