Game of thrones who is dating who

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Headey and Loughran's son Wylie was born in March 2010, and his parents separated in 2011, divorcing in 2012.In July 2015, Headey gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Teddy, in July 2015.He's been married to Greenlandic actress and singer Sascha Nukâka Motzfeldt since 1998, and they have two daughters — Filippa, born in 2000, and Safina, born in 2003.If you're feeling betrayed by anyone you thought mutually understood you'd fallen in love with them through the television screen, I know exactly what you mean.The icing on the cake was when she stomached a raw horse’s heart. Show the real you The way you care for your pets can show a potential partner that you’re compassionate and caring.

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I hope you didn't have your heart set on being part of Littlefinger's newest scheme, because his romantic life is a little complicated IRL.Although the denizens of the realm can still provide you with some excellent dating wisdom.Be self-reliant and self-loving Tyrion Lannister is witty, devious and wise.When it comes to everybody's favorite HBO series, I, of course, pay attention to the plot and the characters and all that.But I also find myself deeply intrigued by the real people behind the characters.

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