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The latter is especially characterized by its initial formula for the Hebrew letter.

This formula may be quoted literally, paraphrased in one or several voices, transposed, and even reused in the initium of the actual lamentation.

The device includes microswitches, magnets and magnetic sensors, a pressure pad, flex sensors, and ultrasound emitteror lay, a trouvére song popular in the 13th- and 14th-centuries, a short narrative or lyrical poem, usually in octosyllabic couplets.

The lai was often composed as an instrumental piece.

Sephardic thought was heavily influenced by Greek and Arabic philosophy and science, and contained a strong mystical strain.One song comes from the village of San Donato, near Monte Casino, and refers to La Befana "all beautifully powdered, with shoes of chocolate."(German f.) or Lippenpfeifen (German, literally 'lipped pipes') in English termed 'labial' or 'flute' pipes, in the organ, these comprise the majority of organ pipes, and are made of metal or wood.The metal pipes are cylindrical, conical or funnel-shaped, and can be open or closed (gedackt) at the top, giving a number of different possible combinations.His method of notating human movement, now called Labanotation, is one of the most widely used system of dance notationthe legend of La Befana is celebrated throughout Italy in countless variations.On the feast of the Epiphany (for which she is named) La Befana, the old witch, appears with her broom, a bag of presents for the good children, and a bag of coal for the bad.

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