Foreign service officer dating

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Dates reported in the press included "planned", "due", arrived and departed.

Plans change, due dates move, and neither may always agree with reported actuals.

Start of the General Strike when the Cantonese (the Southern Nationalists) captured Shanghai.

Taken from our quarterdeck showing all riverside coolies tying up their boats during the middle of the afternoon A view of the front Hankow I took from the bridge with the stand camera last Sunday.

In addition, dates from the photographs (in brackets) also may not match.

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In normal times the river should be as high as the bottom of the walls that lines the roadway.

Our staff includes police-trained, seasoned professional investigators, document experts, interview experts, and industry experts in the credit, collections, lending, and legal fields. If you have a hunch, we can check it out and find the truth – as we have done for so many clients.

Most of the (incomplete) movements are from The Times archives, for which I am grateful.

Our California-based private investigations, and our private detectives, also provide many services to private individuals.

Our work for individuals includes confidential marital infidelity cases, child custody cases and nanny surveillance.

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