Ex is dating someone new

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If that's all that's going on, you're certainly allowed to date someone else.But do your partner a favor and don't talk about how great your ex was.Your goal is to get to a place where you're not constantly reminded about your ex, and when you do think about them, it doesn't hurt. Some people can just hoop-skip-and-jump right into the arms of someone new like they are an Alzheimer patient with no recall of the past years invested with the person who loved them. A lot of people operate around the belief that love has to be hard and therefore life becomes about earning love.

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When an ex gets in a new relationship it can feel like we are behind the evolutionary eight-ball—especially if she is the first one to find someone new. We are all private investigators/stalkers thanks to Facebook. And if you broke up because you wanted your ex to change and he wouldn’t, now is the time to be the change you wanted to see in him. As an intuitive counselor who supports people through break-ups, I witness how lost my clients feel.

As the saying goes, “It’s like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die from it.” I get you may feel robbed like your investment went south.

I get it takes a long time to clear the air; like way longer than you would like. Don’t let what’s-her-name stand in the way of your joy.

Open up to your parents or a counselor about what you've been feeling.

You might be depressed and require treatment from a professional. It's almost impossible to get over someone when you have to hang out with them and pretend like your feelings have disappeared. He or she just wants things to return to normal, but that's not possible if you're still heartbroken.

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