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Myself, I was inspired to become a ninja after my first viewing of American Ninja as a child, but, alas, that never came to pass.Don't be surprised if after October 2 you start to see a lot of girls or young women breaking out the quads and skating around your neighborhood when the film The film follows the journey of Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page), a young woman who's trying to find herself when she discovers the sport of roller derby, so, what better way to celebrate this film than with a little real-life roller derby action. Derby Dolls teams - the Tough Cookies and the Varsity Brawlers - with clips of the film shown during breaks in the action.(Axles) and Kasey (Jennifer "Kasey Bomber" Barbee) were amazing at how good of teachers you were with us. I don't know, just getting the form down, and working on my start.Who had the biggest bruise or injury during the making of this film?I wanted to do all the skating and I wanted to do everything I possibly could.But I was really lucky because Axles was here training me, and she was just absolutely phenomenal. Derby Dolls were so kind, because they're women with jobs and lives and they would come in and scrimmage with me.Drew Barrymore: I bruise really easily anyway, but there is this awesome skater from Detroit, Racer Mc Chase Her, and her and I got to wrestle each other.

Our training was imperative because we learned when we got better that they were tough on us and it made us better.

I went handheld as they walked into this unique, eclectic, atmospheric place.

For me, it felt a little Wizard of Oz-y, where it's all this black and white and then all the sudden it's this Technicolor thing.

When the lights went on and the derby girls came out, I thought, 'I can't believe how cool and capable and amazing they are and they all have their own individual style, but they're a team and they have this great camaraderie.' I'm looking at the crowd and there's a yuppie couple and a grandmother and grandfather of one of the derby girls and then a 19-year-old alterna-boy.

I looked around and I thought that there's no one who is not accepted in this arena for who they are, their ethnicity or their economics or their style.

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