Dating scammer nigerian 419 kristen stewart and michael angarano dating

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NOTE: Please kindly state your early response immediately on this E mail:[email protected] more details on the modalities involves and this business is for your eye only and it is top secret you have to keep strictly confidential.

Usually they say to keep some money for your trouble.WE ARE IN THE LAST QUARTER OF THE YEAR 2002 AND I NEED A RELIABLE FOREIGN PARTNER THAT WILL ASSIST ME TO TRANSFER THE 15M FUND INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNT.I HAVE MANAGERIAL AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER THIS FUND INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BY ELECTRONIC WIRE TRANSFER.Is it possible to have a check sent to me directly?I would then use this check to open a bank account (Key Bank has free checking for a limited time so please hurry). I have never been good with money so you can only imagine how happy I got when I read your email. I know you said this is confidential but I had to share it with my friend Brad Fairyman.

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