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In Valmiki’s original version Rama was a mortal and noble king; his divination came later at the hands of other scribes, about the first century BC.This highly complex epic may be summarized as follows: Rama is challenged by a series of tests that involve battles with kings and demons.The origins of the work are thought to date back to about 800 BC and before the Buddhist period because Rama is not mentioned in late Vedic literature, such as the Brahmanas, but does appear in various Buddhist works.Ballads about Rama were widely song by Valmiki’s times, especially in the courts of northern and eastern India.I have read the book and find its contents authoritative. ]New Articles (0)All Articles (326)Aromatherapy (16)Ayurveda (51)Diet (22)Green Building (3)Green Gardening (9)Jyotish (10)Natural Energy (5)Recycling (2)Sacred Sites (6)Saints of India (1)Spiritual Insight (54)Sustainability (7)Vaastu (2)Vedic Agnihotra (10)Vedic Culture (22)Vedic Jyotish (23)Vedic Maths (6)Vedic Teachings (27)Vedic Vaastu (4)Vegetarianism (12)Water (5)World Religions (15)Yoga (13)Thank you very much for being understanding and flexible on this. I have already told some of my friends about Vedic Math and they are excited to. When they are ready to order I will definitely direct them to your site and business. It would have led to an unprecedented loss of revenue and territory for the British.

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India, the land of sages, ancient sciences, culture, civilization and what not, is still struggling to prove its past.GEM THERAPY TIBETAN ASTROLOGY VEDIC ASTRONOMYLANGUAGESMASTERSMEDITATIONMUSICORGANIC FARMINGPHILOSOPHYPSYCHOLOGYRELIGIONSSANSKRITSPIRITUAL TEXTSSPIRITUALITYTANTRATIBETAN BUDDHISMTRAVELVASTUVEDANTAVEDIC MATHEMATICSVEGETARIANISMWOMENYOGALATEST RELEASESI had talked with Mr.Bhatnagar about 10 years back when he was working as Commissioner of Income Tax in Delhi, India. In one of his speeches, the present National Security Advisor, Shri Ajit Doval said that history favours only the powerful. It never goes with those who are true but less powerful. Our history was written when the English were ruling India.It was presented in a way they wanted it to be presented.

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