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Furthermore, if he had preached to Gentiles first, the Jews would never have listened to him, their distaste for the Gentiles being so great.

Synagogue - see comments below on Acts -note NET Note - As synagogue was a place for Jewish prayer and worship, with recognized leadership (cf. Though the origin of the synagogue is not entirely clear, it seems to have arisen in the postexilic community during the intertestamental period.

Clearly, however the believers at Thessalonica must have known him or about him (cf 1Thes 3:2-6).

Traveled through (diodeuo from dia = through hodeuo = to travel from hodos = way) means literally to make one's way through, to go through or to travel through a place. They undoubtedly took the Roman "superhighway" of the day, the Via Egnatia stretching from the Aegean coast of northern Macedonia to the western coast (in modern Albania) along the Adriatic Sea.

One synagogue shows that even in this commercial city the Jews were not very numerous.

As a political centre it ranked with Antioch in Syria and Caesarea in Palestine.

They came to Thessalonica (See notes and pictures) - The city of Thessalonica, located on the Via Egnatia, was 267 miles from the Adriatic coast, about halfway along the Via Egnatia. This city was the capital of the province of Macedonia and had a population of some 200,000 (but see Robertson below).

It was a major seaport city and an important commercial center, rivaled only by Corinth in this area of the world.

The implication of Acts 17:1 is that the two previously mentioned cities lacked a synagogue.Amphipolis and Apollonia - Traveling SW from Philippi along the Egnatian Way Amphipolis was about 30 miles from Philippi, and Apollonia another 30 miles beyond. Why Paul hurried through these two large cities (if he did) we do not know but it is surmised he did so because they had no synagogue.Following the famous Via Egnatia (Map of the Via Egnatia, Picture of the preserved pavement), Paul and Silas went 100 miles from Philippi to Thessalonica. and with its warm springs (Thermae) and public buildings around a market place (Agora), linked to a stoa, it was one of the most heavily populated cites of the area.To this place they pursued the usual course by way of Amphipolis and Apollonia, cities about thirty miles apart, and nearly equidistant between Philippi and Thessalonica.As nothing is recorded of their proceedings, it is probable that they merely passed a night at each of these places on their way.

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