Dating over weight woman

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I love talking about my body – both its struggles and its successes.

I got what I needed from online dating as a fat girl – just not what I originally wanted.

If I didn't make the state of my body obvious, I would be considered dishonest, and also had the potential to make a man's biggest fear come true by blindsiding him with the real size of my thighs.

I am more than just my weight, and yet nothing would ever be as important.

Funnily enough, I had been in the middle of writing him back.

There was a lot of men who claimed to love fat women, and I was flattered – sort of. I quickly grew tired of only talking about my body, which was partly of my own making, but also seemed to be the only thing these men were interested in.

But I placed those second in my profile's photo line-up, because it felt like something I was obligated to do. At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of messages and matches I received when my profiles went live.

One wrote, “I don't care if you're bitchy and uptight, I'd still eat your ass” after I explained to him that I was interested in someone closer to my own age.

Another was sure to tell me that I was an “ugly, fat tease” and made the astute assumption that I'd be “single forever” if I continued to be so “picky” after I took too long to respond to him.

Most of the messages flooding my inbox touted how luscious my “booty” was and how much they loved a “thick” girl.

They also claimed to be happy to find a “real woman” who wasn't a “bag of bones.”If I didn't respond, some would grow hostile, and throw my fatness back at me.

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