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Of course, you should still make an effort to learn a little Bulgarian, too.

salad – Bulgaria’s trademark cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese and parsley mix, enjoy their very chunky oversized skewers of traditional barbecued meat, eat a few loaves of bread with spreads of Bulgarian It’s not Tokyo, but it’s not Phnom Penh, either.

Yet during the walk home I bumped into two friends who refused to let me head home early for the night.

Until the final hour, I was in good company in Plovdiv. Other than Sunny Beach and Varna on the east coast, not many people seem to visit Bulgaria.

Of course you should take your usual precautions and avoid the rough parts of town, but for the most part you can rest easy in Bulgaria.

I had been prepared for a big language barrier on my arrival, so it was nice to find I was understood by almost everyone I came into contact with, whether it be in a hostel, a store, a restaurant or coffee shop.

During my stay I was invited out – to a dinner, a jazz bar, a club, a party – everyone doing their best to ensure Plovdiv left a smile on my face (it did).

On my final night in Plovdiv I decided to do it easy, so I headed to one of my favourite bars for one last drink, alone.

A few of her friends were there and invited us to sit with them, and we spent the night sipping cheap black russians and chatting the night away.

They all spoke great English, welcomed me enthusiastically to their country and were super laid-back and friendly – exactly my kind of people.

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