Dating in the dark full episode

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Then with the help of s sketch artist, must describe what they believe their dates looked like.

Below is a complete Dating In The Dark Australia episode list that spans the show's entire TV run.

He understood the winds, the waves and the weather better than almost anyone at the time.

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Narrated by JIMMY SMITS Produced and Written by ROBBIE GORDON Associate Producers JOSH WALLACE JENNY MOTTIER JAIME GRECO Director of Reenactments TONY HAINES Director of Photography JOE KARABLY Senior Editors & Sound Design TONY HAINES ED DELGADO Historical Research & Accuracy DR. When most people were in school you began American history at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

It’s just as much a part of American History as Washington crossing the Delaware or Paul Revere’s ride. [cannon fire] Narrator: This…is American history…revised. [thunder clap] Narrator: They had been walking night and day…struggling against fierce winds and rain that had already proven deadly.

[lightning strike, rain pouring down] It’s a massive storm.

[music change] It had started as a dream to settle a new territory more than 4000 miles across the ocean…a venture that first began in this modern-day seaport town of Avilés (ah-vee-LACE), in northern Spain.

450 years ago, Avilés was an important maritime center.

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