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If you go down Soi 8 and take your second right then on your left you will pass ‘Lolita’s Blowjob Bar’ and if you keep walking and take the little alley to your left you will be at ‘Kasalong Blowjob Bar.’ Having two right next to each other is always a plus, you can check out the staff in both and choose the hottest girl.Up on Soi 10 there is ‘Lollipop’ but the staff there is generally quite unattractive.The Ho Chi Minh City blowjob bars are a much different experience, first of all they really aren’t even bars.They are known has ‘hot tocs’ and they use hair salons as a front for giving blowjobs.

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Some guys will complain about the attractiveness of the Thai girls working here, and often times it is justified.

She will have you pull your pants down to your ankles and your shirt up to your neck, then use moist towels to wash off your dick, balls, thighs, and nipples.

Once thoroughly washed she will drop her top, pull down her panties, and place your hand on her tits.

Everyone is welcome to come (and cum) as often as they like.

Lets get a quick breakdown of each city so that you can sample them when you are in town.

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