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And unless you have a face like Osama Bin Laden's, I'm pretty sure each and every one of you looks like a nice person when you're flashing that beautiful smile of yours.

Also, prospects need to be kept informed at all times regarding the "why" of what they are doing, and by telling them that I was relatively new in the city and presumably without friends, I gave them another reason to say yes.

Smart, intelligent and sweet are supposedly the characteristics women most look for in men.

Well-educated (MBA) and well-settled (equals well-paying job) are signs of success.

Being deeply interested in human psychology and a hustler by nature and after hearing numerous complaints by my guy friends about not getting enough matches on online dating app Tinder, I wondered if I could "hack" Tinder to try and get more matches, both in quality and quantity.

I could not help but wonder at the analogy between hundreds of companies hounding consumers online and guys desperate to catch a girl's attention virtually!

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You can chat with other girls and boys and can even be friends with them. We would launch a mobile version for Android, i Phone and Symbian(If Possible).

A picture of me upfront on my Tinder profile would mathematically give me a chance that a girl would either swipe left or right.

But realistically speaking, an average male hardly generates 1–2 matches a day.

It is weird how as you go through life, everything seems interrelated and connected to each other.

Be it sales, getting the girl or even clearing an interview.

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