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I hope that I’ll never regret my choice and get a well-paid and interesting job afterwards. They discuss prices for different goods, terms of payment, shipment and delivery. There are telephones and faxes, personal computers and printers.

A WORKING DAY OF A BUSINESSMAN I want to tell you about a working day of Mr. Sometimes he discusses business matters on the phone. Wallace finishes his work at 6 o’clock in the evening. He has supper together with his family and then after supper they go to their comfortable sitting-room. Wallace likes to be at home together with his family. For a coffee break we have a cosy corner with a sofa, three armchairs, a small table with a nice china coffee-set on it.

For a registered letter, an air-mail letter or a letter to another country we must put more stamps on the envelope.

At the post-office there are windows with the words in big letters: “Stamps”, “Air-Mail”, “Registered Letters”, “Postcards”, “Money Orders”, “Parcels”, “Telegrams”.

It’s a very perspective, interesting and well-paid job.

Second, nowadays there is a great demand for highly-educated economists in Belarus because our republic is transferring to a market economy.

It’s very important for a specialist in business matters to be a skilful user of computers and to speak at least one foreign language. Wallace looks through newspapers and journals in the morning.

The number of countries and companies, who take part in them, is growing from year to year and the scope of fairs and exhibitions is becoming larger.

As international trade is quickly growing and there is always a demand to expand the exhibition areas to provide all the participants with suitable display facilities.

At international and national exhibitions, commercial centres are established where participants can negotiate the sale and the purchase of different goods.

So fairs and exhibitions provide an opportunity to establish profitable contacts and promote mutual understanding among different nations.

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