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Gail and Bill never knew what Shelley’s life would be like in a year or two years, never mind into adulthood — if, God willing, she made it that far. So even at Shelley’s bat mitzvah, the Jewish ceremony that marked her transition to womanhood at 12, Gail insisted the rabbi recite the normal prayer that he’d meet Shelley again one day under her wedding chuppah.In Montgomery County the Belgards found public school programs tailored to people like Shelley, high-functioning individuals with intellectual impairments.This is because the disability programs, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), are federal programs run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). New Mexico has a total of 2 hearing offices to serve its residents as well as 19 administrative law judges (ALJs) who attend hearings and make decisions.Even though New Mexico has a slightly higher approval rate than the national average, the applicants of New Mexico generally have to wait longer for their hearing date and a final verdict after the hearing. Shelley was three years older, chatty and outgoing. It was kind of like that,” remembers Shelley, a petite brunette who was also born with a mental disability. “You know that scene in ‘’ where Baby meets Johnny for the first time?

But after high school, it became more difficult to remain in each other’s lives.“I felt like I had died and gone to heaven when we moved here,” Gail recalls. She took some classes with the general student population and others through a special education learning center. Math came harder, but with the help of dedicated tutors she graduated with a full diploma and stayed on to participate in a two-year job training program.Then came the new hardest part: figuring out the rest of Shelley’s life.They lobbied for state funding, found a company that provides services to high-functioning people with disabilities, and rented a dozen apartments in a building in North Bethesda.Sixteen young adults picked roommates and moved in with the help of graduate students who would serve as counselors and aides.

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