Dating a leo man tips

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This is what fills the lion of the zodiac with incredible pride.

If you’re dating a Leo man or you’re about to make it more serious, then you already know how cuddly and thoughtful he can be.

He certainly likes getting his way in just about every situation.

He’s also extremely warm-hearted, fun-loving and he possesses an irresistible charm that few are impervious to.

If you play your cards right, you could be dating a Leo man. Leo The Leo man loves attention, but he’s not impressed by or attracted to anyone who is overly flattering or who fawns all over him.

Depicted as the lion in the zodiac, this King of the Jungle has a presence that cannot be ignored.

However, if you’d like him to notice you, the best advice is to just be calm, cool and confident.

When you’re out together, the Leo man would like everyone to notice you two as the “power couple.” Who he dates basically becomes a part of his persona.

However, he can be somewhat jealous and even possessive about what he considers his. If you married a Leo, he would see you, your children and your home as yours together, but his to protect.

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